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Got a great idea for a story?  Took a terrific photo that you’d like to share with our readers?  Have a hot news tip you like us to dig into?  Include your name and contact info (phone number and email address) as well as some description of what’s up! If someone is cutting trees without a permit, tell us who, and where, and when, as well as why this is of interest to you.
If you have a team that won a championship by all means email ni a write-up and team photo with players identified by row, left to right. 


Photos MUST be at least 300K FILE SIZE OR LARGER in order to reproduce in colour on newsprint at a decent size.  Include a caption as well as the names of the people in the shot and what they are up to and why, and when the photo took place and the name of the event if there is one.  Individuals’ names must be identified left to right (by row if necessary).  PLEASE SIMPLY ATTACHED YOUR RAW (unaltered) photo to your email, and write the caption in the body of the email.  Include PHOTO SUBMISSION in the email’s subject line.


Got a BEEF?  Have something you need to get off your chest? Take exception to something we wrote?  Or maybe you are seriously interested in an issue and gol’ dang it!, ya jes need someone to “Lend You An Ear”?
We welcome all letters to the editor: They need to be no more than 300 words, clearly identify the subject of your letter, they will be edited for profanity or libelous content, and also for length if they are too long.
They MUST include your full name an d contact info, and WILL BE PRINTED with your name and the town you live in, as per industry best practices.
We aim to print your letters in the next available edition, space permitting.

Here’s how you can get in touch with Editor David Gomez:

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