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Most newspapers will sell readers a copy of a photo which ran in our print edition.  All of our writing and photography in The BANNER is copyrighted material, owned by BANNER PUBLICATIONS.   If you see a photo you would like a copy of, you can purchase a digital copy for $2.25+hst.  This will be charged to your MasterCard or VISA.

Simply tell us which edition, which page, which photo.  We will be emailing you the entire page as a PDF document. You can crop the photo of interest and print it on a home printer or email the PDF to a photo developer who can crop and then print the photo on gloss paper for you (he will have a charge of his own).

Contact us by:
Phone/Fax: 519-245-6116

Email: editor@banner.on.ca 

Live:  At 71C Front Street West, Strathroy, Ontario.  Regular office hours – call first so we can prepare what you need.