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Classified ads are an affordable way to get your word out for your Coming Event, Yard Sale, Garage Sale, Apartment or house or room for rent, House for Sale, Produce or farm goods for sale, arts & crafts for sale,  something used that you need to sell, buy, rent, and so on.  They work best in a 3-week run, and we offer a lower rate per week for 3-week specials.

All of these options for Classified ads are offered at one low price: $20+hst per week for the first 25 words and 10 cents per additional word.  Bolding is $2 extra. Classified ads do not have a box or border around them (see Display ad rate sheet if you want those).  Save $2 per week fo a 3-week word ad!
The cost of your classified ads will be charged to your MasterCard or VISA at time of purchase.


Celebration ads are a great way to recognize a milestone in a loved one’s life:

  1. Birth
  2. Death (called an Obituary)
  3. Graduation
  4. In Memorium (for one who passed away a few years earlier)
  5. Engagement
  6. Promotion
  7. Wedding

We have samples we can send you if you are not sure what to write.  We will need you to email in to us your wording which you would like used, attach a digital/scanned photo if you have one.  If you need to use a photo and can’t email it to us, bring it in to our office during regular business hours and we can scan it and return it.  Another option is that you can send what you need through the post – better do it 2-3 weeks ahead of when you want it to run in The BANNER, as the post can be slow at times.
All of these options for Celebration ads are offered at one low price: $62 + hst per week.
This will be charged to your MasterCard or VISA at time of purchase.

Contact us by:

Phone/Fax: 519-245-6116

Email: editor@banner.on.ca 

In Person:  At 71C Front Street West, Strathroy, Ontario.  Regular office hours – call first so we can prepare what you need.